Acquisition Services

“As hotel and resort owners ourselves, we underwrite projects for investors as if we were the buyer and make valuation recommendations that are well-grounded in thorough analysis. Pyramid’s owner-centric services allow us to fully understand and exceed the owner’s expectations.”

Chris Devine, Chief Investment Officer

Pyramid provides Acquisition Services with a focus on acquiring hotels and resorts in the top 40 travel markets. We support the entire acquisition process from sourcing, underwriting, and closing through management transition and ongoing property management.

Pyramid provides Acquisition Services to investors who want to acquire hotel and resort assets in the continental US, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Western Europe. Drawing on our vast network of personal relationships, Pyramid links potential investors with strong assets, evaluates prospective hotel investments, and helps improve operating results for new owners.


Hotel or Resort Investors

If you are a prospective hotel or resort investor, Pyramid can help you:


Source prospective properties through our extensive network of relationships with owners, lenders, consultants, brokers, investment banks, partners, and hotel companies


Underwrite assets, develop robust operational business plans, analyze surrounding real estate development potential, evaluate, recommend and negotiate branding, and present thoughtful investment recommendations


Negotiate purchase and sale agreements


Source and negotiate senior and mezzanine debt


Manage due diligence process with a focus on maintaining and enhancing operational momentum


Manage closing and legal documentation


Execute property management transition

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