Transition and Conversion

Pyramid brings together skilled transition leaders with a proven conversion planning process and an emphasis on quick and accurate execution. We achieve client objectives quickly and cost-effectively while minimizing any negative impact on guests, employees or the management team.

A successful transition and conversion process depends on skilled and experienced transition leaders. The Principals and Senior Management TeamĀ of Pyramid have been involved in over 500 property management transitions. Based on our experience we have identified the keys to a successful integration process.

Strong, experienced players to lead the team.
Successful transition demands resourcefulness and strong team dynamics. We are experienced in managing all types of transition challenges. We have effectively executed transitions on short notice in order to achieve the owner's objectives.

An emphasis on planning and programming.
An integration process requires defined goals and objectives, and task forces to ensure accountability for results. We utilize time-tested action plans for the takeover and conversion process.

Managing multiple objectives without conflict.
Ensuring a professional and orderly transition depends on our ability to execute on the objectives establishes with the owner, while concurrently delivering on and communicating our comprehensive employee programs.

Creating momentum/minimizing adverse effects.
Creating momentum in the hotel while minimizing any adverse effects on guests, employees, the buyer, the seller and the existing management team is a critical element of success.

Pyramid provides the following transition services:


  • Executes, documents and manages the entire transition process with minimal disturbance to the owner and to guests
  • Employs seasoned transition executives for every discipline and a network of available management talent for new takeover assignments
  • Develops task-force operating procedures, establishes check lists and streamlines communication processes and documentation