Receivership Services

Pyramid has extensive experience as a court-appointed Receiver. We quickly develop and implement plans to improve market positioning and increase operating efficiency to maximize the asset's value.

Pyramid is a nationally recognized provider of receivership services, having performed the roles of Receiver/Manager and Receiver/Asset Manager.

As a hotel receiver, we utilize our vast experience and management depth to efficiently develop and execute a strategic plan that improves both operational efficiency and market positioning – ensuring that the hotel or resort is operated in a way that maximizes the value of the collateral.

As part of every receivership assignment, Pyramid works proactively to coordinate the following key action items:


  • Review Court-Receiver Order to ensure sufficient scope and authority to protect and enhance the collateral’s value
  • Coordinate transition of property control
  • Ensure operating agreement compliance
  • Review critical risk areas in cash flow projections and identify immediate revenue impact opportunities
  • Develop and implement strategic plan designed to maximize asset value
  • Review capital plan and closely monitor capital expenditures
  • Provide progress reports on hotel operations