Lender Services

Lenders with underperforming hospitality loans regularly turn to Pyramid for information, analysis, strategy and direction. Our Comprehensive Asset Performance Study (CAPS) provides lenders with a detailed assessment of current strengths and opportunities along with practical recommendations for protecting and enhancing asset value.

Pyramid provides asset and portfolio review services to lenders, banks, insurance companies and special servicers managing underperforming hospitality loans.

In today’s volatile market, Pyramid recognizes the need to provide lenders with information and recommendations quickly and cost-effectively. Our Comprehensive Asset Performance Study (CAPS) is a proprietary approach to evaluating assets that provides lenders and Special Servicers with detailed and actionable insights into current performance as well as future challenges and opportunities.

Our CAPS review focuses on these four main areas:


  • Revenue Generation
  • Site and Facilities Analysis
  • Productivity and Expense Analysis
  • Financial / Investment Considerations


Pyramid identifies critical areas of risk and opportunity through a comprehensive analysis of a hotel’s physical condition, market conditions, competitive positioning, management practices and operational efficiency.

In addition, we recommend risk mitigating strategies to protect and enhance the value of the asset. Our CAPS provides exceptional value to lenders who are managing under-performing hotel and resort assets and may need to consider workout, foreclosure, or receivership scenarios.