Investment Strategy

“Pyramid is intensely focused on maximizing profitability for hotel owners. We do this through rigorous financial discipline which includes constant benchmarking and pushing to maintain the industry’s best operating margins.”

– Christopher Devine, Chief Financial Officer

Pyramid has a proven strategy for acquiring, managing, asset managing and project managing hotels and resorts: Treat everyone fairly and manage costs responsibly without sacrificing service or product quality.

Our investment strategy is built on these core principles


  • Acquire at a discount to replacement cost
  • Acquire at attractive “going-in” yields
  • Enhance property management through experience, talent, resources and best practice
  • Utilize capital reserves and approved ownership funding to maximize both asset and real estate value
  • Improve competitive positioning
  • Exit investments at a premium to invested capital


We believe the fundamentals are in place and the opportunity is right for continued growth in the hotel sector. Further, Pyramid believes if hotel investments are effectively sourced, executed, renovated and managed, they should yield returns of 12%+ unlevered and 20%+ levered. We deliver superior returns on investment by working closely with our investment partners to qualify assets that meet our strict investment requirements.